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LED Warranty Management

Most LED manufacturers maintain a 5-10 year warranty on their products. The best LED manufacturers will have less than a 1% failure rate with their products in the proper environment, but since many of the environments that lighting is found is not “proper” as it relates to LED lighting, this means there will still be failures.

LED lighting is controlled by a driver. This is a self-contained power supply which regulates the power required for an array of LEDs. The driver converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) since LED lighting is powered by direct current. LEDs consume small amounts of electricity and depending upon how many are in the particular fixture determines the size and type of driver needed. Without going into a lot of the technical details, the driver is the most critical part of an LED fixture/bulb and 98+% of all failures are due to the driver. The driver fails primarily because of two reasons – high heat and/or voltage spikes. So, predicated upon the environment where a LED fixture will be located MHSC will recommend including with the LED retrofit, specific types of surge suppression to be added to the lighting circuits to mitigate failures caused by voltage spikes or specific types of fixtures which have a higher heat resistant driver.

To facilitate any failures that may occur during a warranty period, MHSC has a Warranty Management Department. This department works directly with the end users to identify the problem fixture and facilitates the replacement of the driver and/or a complete new fixture should it be necessary. MHSC works directly with the manufacturer to obtain those replacements for the end user and can also arrange for certified electricians to install the new driver and/or fixture. Most warranties from manufacturers only include the part/fixture. Any labor costs necessary to install the new driver and/or fixture is still the responsibility of the end user.

MHSC will recommend including with the LED retrofit, specific types of surge suppression.

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