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LED Lighting Program

LED Lighting comes in an array of bulbs, fixtures, wattages, lumen output, light color, dimming capability, applications and a host of other characteristics that are distinct and unique to every fixture and bulb. When retrofitting to your existing mix of existing lighting, which type of retrofit makes the most sense for you – replacing with new LED Fixtures or retrofitting with LED bulbs. Are the existing light levels where you need them to be or do these need to be increased/decreased? Are there special applications where high intensity lighting is needed or a certain color light to bring out the best display in your products? Is there a need to have the ability to lower and raise light levels for certain functions? These and a hundred other considerations are important when making choices as to which LED product will best suit your needs.

MHSC has over 10 years’ experience in the LED lighting solutions business. We understand the various needs based on industry and application. We have worked with hundreds of businesses across the nation helping them create the best LED solution for their business, office building, church, school district, healthcare district, municipality, retail store, manufacturing facility, storage warehouse, and many other applications.

MHSC has over 10 years experience in the LED lighting solutions business