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Company Info

MHSC Energy is a leading LED lighting retrofit specialty company doing business across the United States providing LED conversion solutions for small retail chains to large industrial applications. MHSC specializes in helping organizations convert to LED lighting using the latest in LED technology and providing a comprehensive energy audit to determine the validity of converting to LED technology.

Since 2010, MHSC has been involved in over 1800 LED lighting conversions helping customers migrate to LED technology. By understanding a Customer’s current lighting environment, current cost of lighting and ongoing maintenance costs, a detailed analysis can be performed to demonstrate the cost reduction effectiveness of migrating to LED lighting technology and whether it is a viable alternative to significantly reduce ongoing operational costs.


At MHSC, we are serious about our responsibility in helping our customers not only save money through LED lighting, but also insuring that they are getting the highest quality products on the market. Unlike standard incandescent or fluorescent technology, LED quality can vary dramatically from manufacturer to manufacture resulting in higher failure rates and ongoing higher maintenance costs. MHSC inspects and tests LED products long before they are recommended to a Customer so they know they are getting a high quality product for their business that will last the test of time. To facilitate any potential warranty claims, MHSC works directly with our Customer to handle any warranty issues during the whole warranty period.