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MHSC has been in the business of converting customers to LED since 2010. MHSC provides a turnkey LED Conversion for all types of businesses and non-profit entities. MHSC has retrofitted over 2000+ businesses, churches, schools, cities, counties, etc. each of which was unique. From heavy industrial to school districts to churches, MHSC has the experience to provide the best possible LED Conversion for the best possible outcome desired by our customers. Below is just a few of our LED conversions completed over the last few years.

City & County Parks

Government & Institutional

Counties, Health Districts, Cities, School Districts and other tax based organizations are always striving to reduce their ongoing operational costs, provide better lighting, and create safer environments for citizens. More recently, safety has become one of the leading reasons for investigating migrating to LED Lighting. Recently, the City of Bryan decided to migrate to LED lighting to help the appropriate authorities "see" better in evening hours and their citizens feel safer in neighborhood athletic parks when children are at play.

Heavy Industrial


The worlds largest manufacturer & supplier of premium drilling pipe chose MHSC to retrofit it's largest pipe manufacturing facility(s) located in Texas. Situated on 196 acres with over 40+ buildings encompassing over 8 million square feet, MHSC installed thousands of industrial LED highbays, flood lights, pole lights, wallpacks, etc. during a six month installation period. MHSC worked closely with NOV and onsite OSHA personnel to insure a smooth and safe installation. Using some of the latest in LED technology, NOV saved over 468 kW and 4,225,176 kWh per year.

Church LED Conversions - Each A Unique Lighting Challenge

Churches & Other Non-Profit Organizations

Unlike most office buildings where lighting is very similar, churches are each unique in both style and challenges. From custom made Chapel lighting fixtures to high end lighting controls, retrofitting church lighting with the latest in LED technology requires a company that understands the "look" that a church desires as well as the lighting controls that help them create the scenes they need for the various services they might provide. MHSC has both the knowledge base and lighting experience to help churches convert to LED technology.

School Districts & Universities

Government & Institutional

Athletic competition at both the high school and university level have increased dramatically over the past few years. Lighting has become even more critical in creating the environment needed for high level competition games as well as new high definition television. Having not only the appropriate foot candles for digital imaging but also the ability to cross use these facilities for a variety of functions have increasingly become the norm. MHSC's experience in new smart technology LED lighting with wireless capability, the ability to provide photometric analysis, and smart technology support gives schools a variety of choices to replace their existing metal metal halide or high output T5 fluorescent technology with the latest in LED Technology.

Retail Stores


In today's competitive market place, having the correct lighting can make a significant difference in sales. From the parking lot, up and down aisles, shelf lighting and even warehouse storage and employee work area - lighting touches all parts of a major retail facility. It affects employee mood, the consumer ’s perception of the corporate image, customer safety and even a customer's ability to read labels. All of which necessitates important decisions and questions to ask when it comes to the lighting for a retail store. From floor lighting to focused product lighting, the proper use of lighting can make the difference in profitability per square foot. And with new LED lighting and lighting controls, enhanced lighting for retail environments has never been better. No two retail facilities are the same, but there are three guiding principles every retail store should know. ATTRACTION. The lighting throughout the retail store should be enticing, guide customers to special displays/areas in the store and be bright enough to read "the small print" on all the sales labels throughout the entire space. APPRAISAL. Customers make a flurry of buying decisions from the time they walk through the door―does the lighting give the store the best chance that these decisions will result in sales? ATMOSPHERE. Lighting can elevate a store’s brand and image, and leave a positive impression that lasts.

A typical 60Watt Incandescent bulb can be replaced with a 9Watt LED. That’s an 85% reduction in energy usage.