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Facility LED Retrofit

One of the most critical factors in understanding an LED Retrofit are the choices that are made to replace the existing lighting within an organization. LED technology is so radically different than existing types of lighting that most organizations do not fully comprehend both the LED quality and the choices available which can radically change outcomes desired by the organization.

Unfortunately, some “LED Retrofit” companies may only look to the lowest wattage available to replace existing lighting within a facility regardless of the impact it may have on the overall light levels within certain types of spaces. For example, many parking lots may have existing 400 Watt Metal Halide fixtures. The amount of light (Iumens or footcandles) coming from these fixtures is important for employee and/or customer safety concerns when going to and from their vehicle during evening hours. Some “retrofit” companies will utilize low wattage LED fixtures to replace the 400 Watt Metal Halide without regard of the amount of light being driven by the replacement LED. They are not considering if the LED fixture is equal to or better than the 400 Watt Metal Halide fixture. They are simply trying to create the greatest amount of savings possible without taking into consideration other factors such as employee and/or customer safety, light levels, light color and a host of other considerations when looking at LED.

Additionally, when considering an LED retrofit, it becomes imperative to look at the details of any proposal and to ask questions about whether the proposed lights will equal or exceed what is currently there. Does the replacement LED technology work with the existing lighting controls, does the proposal include removing of existing ballasts or is the retrofit company using bulbs that work with existing ballasts, does the retrofit include replacing all the emergency lighting as required by Fire Code, are all removed bulbs/fixtures to be removed by the LED Retrofit company and a number of other considerations when retrofitting existing lighting.

MHSC represents over 60 manufacturers with thousands of different products specifically designed for retrofitting. MHSC provides an in-depth and thorough analysis of an institution’s existing lighting and the best products to replace and/or re-lamp those fixtures based on existing light levels, colors, existing uses, type of existing fixture, and even considers OSHA and IES footcandle recommendations for lighting for specific types of uses and areas. MHSC can even provide a photometric analysis when trying to achieve certain light levels for different types of spaces (ie. Retail, Manufacturing, Industrial, Warehouse, etc.) to determine how the light levels will be after installation of the new fixtures.

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MHSC represents over 60 manufacturers with thousands of different products specifically designed for retrofitting

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