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Understanding the importance of lighting in the retail space is critical when considering the importance of sales per square foot. Whether the store specializes in clothing, food, building materials and hardware or convenience items, the turnover of product is the lifeblood of retail sales. How lighting displays products, points people to products or simply creates a lighting environment where product is easily visible is extremely important in moving product. Additionally, electricity costs is typically a retailers second largest expense after payroll. By retrofitting a store with cost saving LED lighting, not only can sales be increased by the using better lighting levels and color for customer so see labels better (National Lighting Bureau Case History: Better Lighting to Boost Your Bottom Line) or pointing a customer to more impulse sales, but the cost savings can be significant. Let MHSC show you how to save money and create a better buying experience for your customers.

Aldi Grocery Store
McCoy's Okmulgee, OK
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